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With the sudden arrival of raspberry ketone into the market, most people have not had enough time to become acclimated to it to get an understanding of just what it is any how it works. Since we have launched our site, we’ve received many emails asking to explain a little bit more about raspberry ketone. Here are the most commonly asked questions?

Q. What is raspberry ketone?

A. Raspberry ketone is a substance naturally found in red raspberries that give them both their flavor and smell. Researchers have just discovered that it possesses weight loss properties within the last few years.

Q. Is it safe to take?

A. As we’ve mentioned here, raspberry ketone is 100% natural and does not cause adverse health effects to those who use it. Researchers estimate .0004% of the world’s population to have a red raspberry allergy and most people will not even show symptoms. Therefore, researchers and weight loss experts support the use of raspberry ketone.

Q. How does it work?

A. Raspberry ketone delivers powerful weight loss results by having two main functions. First, it blocks the liver from absorbing fat and carbohydrates consumed through a user’s diet. It then releases fat from the cells in the body to be burned for energy. In other words, it is a natural fat burner that will also prevent you from absorbing more fat.

Q. Will I really lose weight?

A. Absolutely! Users of diet pills have raved about its positive effects on their overall health and weight loss. Some users have lost ten, twenty, or even thirty pounds. We still recommend you follow a healthy diet and engage in some form of exercise a few times per week to maximize results. However, you can still lose weight if you are not extremely active or do not follow a perfect diet.

Q. Is there anything to support these claims?

A. Of course! Researchers in Japan were the first to discover the power of raspberry ketone. They noted its’ ability to help test subjects lose weight, despite having a high fat diet. Ketone prevented the absorption of fat and lowered the body fat percentage of the subjects.

Dr. Oz also recommended raspberry ketone as one of his “Five miracle fat burners.” He explained exactly how it works just like we did above. He later brought on a weight loss expert whom has used raspberry ketone with her clients with a great deal of success. In fact, her clients lost much more body fat if they used a ketone supplement, compared to those that did not.

Q. Where can I buy it?

A. If you would like to buy raspberry ketone, you can do so below. We recommend you purchase raspberry ketone pure, a scientifically formulated raspberry ketone supplement designed specifically to help users burn fat and lose weight fast. Users are raving about the product and many users see results within the first week. Supplies are limited so do not wait much longer. After all, we already discussed the raspberry ketone shortage problem.

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